These are websites that I maintain. I have many other website skills beyond what is shown here. If you are interested in my building a website or social media page, please feel free to contact me.

Lizard Dreamtime
My main blog that is a collection of free graphic design printables, recipes, and thoughts.

Big Wig House
This is the hub of my children’s education products.

The Dot Books – Early Reader Series
The Dots are an early reader series I designed, illustrated, wrote, formatted and published by my self. They are adorable little monsters perfectly designed to appeal to young kids learning to read.

Alpha Glyphs – ABC Book
This website showcases my Alpha Glyph books. The Alpha Glyphs truly are innovative. If you check them out you will see what I mean. You’ve never quite seen an ABC book like this one.

Aladdin and the Lamp
Personal website related to my experience with immigration.

Ruby Dolphin
A place where I would like to put more of my flash fiction. At this point, only the sheep has any writing behind it. Click the sheep.